Broccoli Makes a Healthy Heart

Broccoli is known good for heart health but many do not know why. British Researchers already know what makes broccoli can be healthy for the heart.

Researchers at Imperial College London have found evidence of chemical substances are contained in broccoli and other green leafy vegetables that enhance natural defenses and protect from blocked arteries that can cause heart attacks.
In research funded by the British Heart Foundation, researchers found that sulforaphane substances are compounds that are naturally contained in broccoli that can activate a protective protein is inactive in the arteries that are
vulnerable to blockage.
Communities know that vegetables are good for the body, but it is very surprising molecular mechanism is not known for many years.
Researchers already know that many are led to clogged arteries, usually branches of these blood vessels more vulnerable to impaired blood flow. This is caused by a buildup of fat that become the most popular cause of heart disease.
Evans added the study found that in some vulnerable areas, the protective protein known as Nrf2 normally inactive. And the people who often eat broccoli sulforaphane a chemical found more active in the area.
The results of this study have been reported in the journal Arteriosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, that sulforaphane can help people to save more heart health by protecting blood vessels from clogging.
Because it does not hurt to add the vegetable broccoli in your diet, thus helping reduce the risk of blockage of blood vessels that could threaten someone’s life.


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